Worksheet_Evaluating Management Performance

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. 1. We operate with a complete and up-to-date business plan that includes:
A) One- and three-year projections
B) A capital budget

2. We operate with an annual marketing plan that includes:
A) Precise sales and profit goals and timetables
B) Strategies and tactics for the next three years
C) Budgets, Forecasts, and Benchmarks
D) A tentative sales plan
E) The demographics of our target markets
F) A thoughtful definition of the markets we serve
G) A definition of the needs/wants our products and services fill
H) An analysis of the growth potential of our markets
I) A competitive analysis
J) A definition of our “Unique Selling Proposition”
K) Projections for other products or services that could be developed
L) Timetables for research and development

3. We use monthly budgets and statements that include:
Thorough and up-to-date records
Cash flow budget
Profit and Loss (Income) Statement
Balance sheet
Deviation analysis
Ratio analysis
Standard cost comparisons
Cash reconciliation


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Worksheet_Evaluating Management Performance


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