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. Use this form to help you determine the feasibility of your business as a franchisable concept. Answer each question, assigning a rating of 1-5 for each question, with 5 being the strongest. Total each column after you’ve finished, then add all five columns together for a grand total. The higher the score, the more potential the concept has of becoming a successful franchise.

Does your business have an established track record of more than five years?
Do you and/or any of your partners have experience in the business greater than the period of time your business has been in operation?
Does your business have 10 or more locations?
During the time your business has been in operation, has it maintained average net profits in each location of more than $200,000?
Does the business generate repeat customers on a frequency greater than two times per month?
Does the business attract customers from a 5 mile radius or greater?
Do you have more than $250,000 to invest in the development of your franchise concept?
Do you and/or any of your partners have business management experience greater than 10 years?
Will the start-up requirements for franchisees be less than $25,000?
Are training requirements less than three months?
Does your business have international adaptability?
Rate the competitiveness of your industry.
Have you received more than 10 franchising inquiries in the last year?
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